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Kia Orana tatou katoatoa

My name is Salina and I am 12 years old, who lives in Cook Islands. Have you ever heard about Cook Islands?

Cook Islands is located in the South Pacific between Tahiti and New Zealand. There are 15 Islands, and 3 Islands are inhabited. In Cook Islands there are 18,000 redidence at the moment. In Cook Islands there are lot's of different spices of birds, fruit bats, coconut crabs, crabs, turtles, sharks, dolphins, whales and fishes.

My school Apii Te Uki Ou My school Apii Te Uki Ou is located in Rarotonga, the capital, in front of the ocean. In winter, from June to October we can see whales breaching and jumping.

In the school there are about 200 students from all over the countries. Of course locals, New Zealanders, Australians, Philippines, Switzerland, and me Japanese! There are two Japanese students who are learning at this school including myself. His name is Jiro and he is 6 years old. He is not my brother.

In Cook Islands the School is from 8am to 2pm. We have two breaks, at 10am we have morning tea time. In morning tea time we eat snacks, fruits, nuts and if they were hungry they might eats sandwiches, pastas and rice. At 12am we have lunch time. Lot's of people eat sandwiches and fruit. Asian people eat rice with something.

At school we learn basics writing, math , reading and spelling. And all year we are working on a few projects. Like Passion Project. Passion project is something you are passion about and you can study or make your passion bigger. For art time we do carving, block printing, dawning and painting.

And we have Te Reo and Culture. Te Reo is the language that Polynesian people use. If Tahitians speak to Cook Islanders in Maori, they can understand each other. We learn the words, sentences and sounds.

At Culture Class, we learn how to dance, weave, play ukurere, play drum, singing and do lot's of things to do with our Cook Islands Culture.

After school, most of people play Net ball, Rugby, soccer and do the after school activities. There are a lot of kinds of activities. In weekends some people go to the beach and swim or just stay at home and relax.

On Sundays, people go to church. Main type of church in Cook Islands is Cook Islands Christian Church. In the church they sing, pray and read out loud the Bible. On first Sunday of the mouth everyone have to wear something white. Other Sundays everyone wears color full Islands dress and Islands shirt.

I might write you all letter again. If you have any Questions please let me know. Bye from Cook Islands!!

Meitaki Ma’ata e kia manuia.






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